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The American Fat Girl Gets A Name Change

Goddess Evening. I’ve decided to change the name of my blog. I think this self-love thing is starting to rub off on me. Feeling like having some good gushy sweet and juicy sweetness right now.

Sweetness in my life, in my relationships, in my foods.

And not the processed manufactured plastic coated fake smile taste of sweet.

But the authentic deep down in the crevices, between the black seeds of dragon fruit sweet.

The sweet we breathe in when embracing an old friend lover. The sweet of babies being born.

The sweet of laughing after a good scream & cry. The sweet of listening to your wombn intuition.

The sweet of men and women truly loving and supporting each other.

The sweetness of real sugar touches dripping down my belly inside & out.

Whole fresh ripe raw & organic sugar. The juicy kind of peach mango sugar that drips down your cheek and the kind subtle in it’s sweetness that still leaves the belly satiated. The sweetness of poise.

The sugar sweet kisses that makes me feel not so american fat girl anymore, but more belly beads & hip scarfs, sacred circles & bare breasted sunshine.

The sugar body scrub sweet. The fresh banana peel mask on my face, ripe papaya on my pimples and on my lips sweet.

The sugar smacks on my big honey booty.

The sugary green lights &  juicy sweet red strawberry lights up & down each sugar powdered road.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m feeling really sweet right now. Gimme some sugah!

– Safiar 🙂


Reality Check. Thanks F.J.

This blog is about me me meme me me me. Not my mommy. Stop being a busy body Safiar. Trying to fix somebody that doesn’t need fixing. Didn’t you just say “I ain’t broke and I don’t need fixing?” Well, she ain’t broke either. And neither of us are victims. Breaking a cycle. Sending love to my mommy and all the mommy’s around the world that have Chosen. Now I am free to choose for my own life.

“A feminist perspective to the problem of women’s compulsive eating is essential if we are to move on from the ineffective blame-the-victim approach and the unsatisfactory adjustment model of treatment.”                                                                               Susie Orbach from Fat is a Feminist Issue