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For Giving Eve

For Giving Eve: Back 2 Basics I


I’ve learned how to consume supplement after supplement

Tablet capsule & powder

Herb root mineral vitamin amino acid

Bottles on bottles on bulk

Dried refined tinctured & tea

A health food shop factory inside of me

I can juice. Oh wow can I juice

Running pounds on pounds

Racks on racks through that machine

Feeling at lost with what to do with the fibrous waste

No garden compost for apartment city living.

One cup of live juice for me

20 minutes to clean

I can blend

The amazing joys of a high powered blender

Just throw it in and go

I have all my enzymatic power

Fiber seeds and all

I can cut & scoop an aloe

Rub it all over my face

Lips so bitter into my smoothie a winner

Healing my intestines so they say

I can almond milk quinoa sea salt and sea weed

I can nut butter vegetable soup organic apple and vegan muffin

I can tea tea tea tea tea myself for days

I can even fast and bliss myself up Stone Mountain in a heat wave

I can enema I can enema

On a towel in my tub and hit the toilet just in time

I can maple syrup cayenne pepper and lemon juice out of my mind

And after all the water in all the gallons and all the jugs I’ve reused and renewed

I am now learning how to eat whole fresh ripe raw & organic greens & fruits