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For Giving Eve

For Giving Eve: Back 2 Basics I


I’ve learned how to consume supplement after supplement

Tablet capsule & powder

Herb root mineral vitamin amino acid

Bottles on bottles on bulk

Dried refined tinctured & tea

A health food shop factory inside of me

I can juice. Oh wow can I juice

Running pounds on pounds

Racks on racks through that machine

Feeling at lost with what to do with the fibrous waste

No garden compost for apartment city living.

One cup of live juice for me

20 minutes to clean

I can blend

The amazing joys of a high powered blender

Just throw it in and go

I have all my enzymatic power

Fiber seeds and all

I can cut & scoop an aloe

Rub it all over my face

Lips so bitter into my smoothie a winner

Healing my intestines so they say

I can almond milk quinoa sea salt and sea weed

I can nut butter vegetable soup organic apple and vegan muffin

I can tea tea tea tea tea myself for days

I can even fast and bliss myself up Stone Mountain in a heat wave

I can enema I can enema

On a towel in my tub and hit the toilet just in time

I can maple syrup cayenne pepper and lemon juice out of my mind

And after all the water in all the gallons and all the jugs I’ve reused and renewed

I am now learning how to eat whole fresh ripe raw & organic greens & fruits


The Diet Game

The more I tell a young man to pull up his pants, the further he will sag them. The more I tell my girlfriend that her boyfriend is no good, the tighter she will cling to him. When I tell a child to stop doing that, she can’t wait to do it again.  The more I tell women & girls what size to be, what color to be, how tall to grow, how much to weigh, how to style her hair, what clothes to wear this year, what foods to eat today and how to shape her butt-boobs-belly, something really amazing happens. She tries & often succeeds in varying degrees to do just that! She cuts, squeezes, burns, fasts, restricts, constricts, dyes, twists, suffocates, stuffs, lifts, tightens, contorts, bends, blends, stretches, sucks, tames her body to fit into the acceptable female body box.  It’s absolutely fascinating to watch her to do this. And even better, we get filthy rich day after day from her efforts.

We train one and she teaches her daughters, cousins, sisters, best friends and everyone she encounters to do it too. She becomes a champion campaigner for our cause. Even women that fail miserably try and try again. Regardless of her body screams of rebellion, she continues to beat it into the box. Regardless of her own personal tastes, she will eat what ever we say as long as the reward is the acceptable female body box. She will even go against her own body need for food to fit. She will attempt to curb her appetite with any product we sell her. She will not eat, as if eating is an abnormal act. And she will spend decades & thousands of dollars on or off what we call a diet. Did she never realize that the first three letters in the word diet are d-i-e? HaHaHa. LOL. What silly women! Her own body even knows it. Why does she think The Diet fails and she gains the weight back, has to exercise like an athlete to keep it off, is always “falling off the diet”, it gets harder and harder to lose the weight each time (thanks to her smart body’s survival switch), and is constantly seeking a new diet? I’m scared to wonder what will happen when women stop hating their bodies and stop listening to us. I’m quite sure we will be out of a job. But for now, we are safe. The New Year is approaching and millions will sign up for the game of Change Your Shape, Change Your Life once again. Chi  Ching $$$$

What it is and What it ain’t

I never considered myself to be an overeater compulsive eater. I just thought myself to Be Fat and that I Ate Too Much and that I feel fat and that I have no self discipline or self control. And then you come along and say, “Fat is not a feeling.” I say, “The hell it ain’t! Hell yeah it is!!! I feel fat pretty much all day everyday! What the hecky are you talking bout?!” LOL I can laugh now but I was serious then.

After my initial shock at this concept, I thought about it. It’s true. Fat really isn’t a feeling. Fat is just fat. Having excess fat in my body is just that. Do I feel it? I’m not so sure anymore. I am learning to identify what my true feelings are, instead of transferring my emotional feelings into a one size is not fitting me feeling of fat. What I really feel is pain, discomfort, anger, frustration, inadequate, shame, foolish, powerless, vulnerable, confused, loveless, Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired (H.A.L.T.). And these feelings have nothing to do with how much I weigh that particular month, if my jeans fit that day, what diet I’m starting Monday or breaking by Tuesday. Although I may not feel all of those emotions right now, I have over the course of my life. And dieting has never alleviated the anxiety. It’s just given me something else to focus on. It’s really given me even more anxiety, headaches, pain and discomfort. It’s given me many bruises all over my body from “falling off the wagon” and beating myself up. Years spent attempting to fix something that wasn’t broken. Me. Years spent hating my body. Trying to squeeze it, burn it, fast it, speed it up, sweat it away, suck it in, carve it, shape it, dissolve it, empty it, starve it, flush it, and lose it.  So many years spent trying to get rid of what I have. Why? For who? For what? What is really fueling the wanting of being a new person in 30 days or 60 days or 90 days or 12 weeks or by spring or by summer or by the holidays or after New Years Day. Lose it. Find it again. Gain it again. Be miserable. Find a new diet and then restart the cycle for the 100th time.

“A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”, a phrase I wish I’ve never heard. It’s such a joy stealer.

What will happen as I stop hating my body?

(from When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies by Jane Hirschmann & Carol Munter)

1. learn to eat when, what and how much my body needs

2. overcome my fear of living a diet free life

3. look in the mirror, love and accept what I see.

4. decode my fat talk to reveal my real concerns & feelings

5. stop trying to measure up to society’s ridiculous and impossible standards of female beauty

6. learn to accept myself and all body shapes as well as my feelings- unconditionally

There are many programs, plans and systems out on the market and in books that promote a non diet approach to lasting weight-loss. They lie. The only way to stop dieting is to stop dieting.

Reality Check. Thanks F.J.

This blog is about me me meme me me me. Not my mommy. Stop being a busy body Safiar. Trying to fix somebody that doesn’t need fixing. Didn’t you just say “I ain’t broke and I don’t need fixing?” Well, she ain’t broke either. And neither of us are victims. Breaking a cycle. Sending love to my mommy and all the mommy’s around the world that have Chosen. Now I am free to choose for my own life.

“A feminist perspective to the problem of women’s compulsive eating is essential if we are to move on from the ineffective blame-the-victim approach and the unsatisfactory adjustment model of treatment.”                                                                               Susie Orbach from Fat is a Feminist Issue