Eat the Holidays Away…

Eat the holidays away and start anew on January 1, 2014.

Once again, it’s the holidays. Thanks Giving has passed and now we are on our way to Christmas. On the radio, on facebook, on t.v., all I hear is EATEATEAT IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! Around this time of year, the posts and status updates start rolling in on diets, the “I feel fat” posts, the I’m gonna eateateat then go to the gym and start a diet January 1. People are stressed and anxious and the body gets the whipping.

One of the main reasons I avoid the the holidays and even the family holiday gatherings is because of the accepted and encouraged over consumption of food. All that food. All that eating. The watching of other people eat and eat and eat. The pressure to eat and eat and eat. It’s like the scene from Spirited Away when the parents smell the food and go sit down to eat and they eat until they literally turn into pigs. In no way are pigs disgusting or disordered because they eat what humans or humming birds may consider to be a lot. A skinnny pig, like a skinny cow would most likely be put to death or turned into lunch meat. Or a nugget of some sort. But a human that eats past the point of satiety and well into the pain and discomfort of her own body in the name of Giving, Family, Celebration and the Holiday Spirit is dis*connected from her self, her body and her own spirit. And where’s the love in that? I grew up being an anxious overeater and have dealt with disordered eating issues most of my life. That changed a few years ago and I re*learned to eat as if I was a baby or a child. Hungry. Eat. Full or Satiated. Stop Eating. Although it’s simple, it’s not easy to do at first.

Holiday Eating Tip:

Be connected. Eat what you want.

Listen to your body.

And the moment you hear her say “I’ve had enough”, stop eating.

Wrap the rest up and take it home.


If you, dear love have an eating problem, an eating disorder, or a dieting problem and you are ready to heal, please email me.

Have a piece of peace, Safiar


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One response to “Eat the Holidays Away…

  • Christopher Holmes

    Loved your posting…it made a lot of sense. Bless u for helping people and teaching them a better and more healthier way of eating!!!

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