A Bummed Out Poem

I’m tired of trying to be healthy

Tired of being raw

Tired of trying to fix myself

Rather just be flawed and greasy and full of parasites

I’m a host

I love my worms

I’m a sugar fiend’n neurotransmitting coconut shrimp eating whore

I love this about me

I’m tired of fasting detoxing and cleansing

Tired of blending vita-mixing food processing and dehydrating

Tired of reading

Information seeking

Internet coasting

Frequent boo-boo dumping

Tired of organic. Tired of pure. Tired of the new best one of a kind cure

Tired of chakra’s Ida’s and Pingala’s

Health food stores doctors and herb jars

noni, acai, goji and aloe vera

water. Tired of all this water

This is my healing water. This is my healing water.

Thank you Mantak Chia

Tired of yoga, running and incense

Tired of symbols and languages that don’t make sense

I speak English and that is fine with me

Freaked Out




The secret is, I am a connoisseur of my neurosis

Thank you Reverend Mike

and I use to live on Beckwith St.

Eating melted cheese between grilled bread use to be so good to me

Now it is profane

and so is pizza, catfish and kool-aid

That darn discovery channel

Catfish and their menses

Turning men into Beeoches

But I loved my girl dog Khadija

But like all things vegetarian, I grew tired of her too.

I may have eaten her in my mystery meat China buffet fast food.

So you see,

I’ve failed at being healthy.

I’m ready to just Be.

Safiar Taliaferro (c) 2010

Originally written 3.15.09 in the playhouse on Euclid while waiting to see the one woman stage play Zora.


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