I Have a Right to Eat!

I have a right to Eat!
I am supposed to Eat!
I am required to Eat!
I need to Eat!
I want to Eat!
I love to Eat!
and my belly says thank you when I feed her.
In the trash goes the appetite suppressants.
In the dumpster goes pills, capsules, teas, juices, tricks and gimmicks, including tips, magazines, books, charts, subliminal cd’s, affirmations and any other thing designed to control and suppress what is natural for me to do in this human body. EAT!
I have a right to EAT!
I need to EAT!
I will EAT!
I will eat in public. I will eat in private. I will eat out loud. I will eat in silence. I will eat off a big plate. I will eat from a small bowl with my fingers while sitting in the car. Or while sitting in a restaurant alone.
I will eat in front of anyone who says I shouldn’t, gives me a look or any supposed loving gentle “don’t eat that, don’t eat so much” warnings.
I will eat whenever I get the signal from my belly.
I will eat according to my body’s signal.
Lunch time
snack time
dinner time
breakfast time
brunch time
movie time
date time
get-together time
holiday time
birthday time
party time
game time
menstrual time
t.v. time
break time
I will eat on my time. I will eat what I want to eat. I will eat according to my body’s rules. I will listen to my body. Not the expert, doctor, this book, that magazine, any woman, any man or a billboard commercial telling me when, where, what and how much to eat.
(Ok, I will listen a little and then I will decide.) Me and my belly will choose together. I am the Boss Eater and I have a right to EAT!
I will eat courageously
I will eat shamelessly
I will eat fearlessly
I will eat at 2 a.m. if I choose
I will eat nothing for days if I choose.
I will give a big F**k You to guilt
I will spend $5 on my food
I will spend $50 bucks on dessert
I will fill my buggie with bananas and apples
I will fill my belly with savory gourmet recipes
I will by 10! All for me and eat them now
I will buy 1 and leave it on the counter for weeks.
I am throwing guilt away with the bath water
Down the drain.
I am supposed to EAT!
and so is the fat lady feeling guilty for eating, feeling out of control
I am supposed to EAT!
and so is the slim lady, scared to eat for fear she may lose control
I want to EAT!
and so does every single person who is “trying” not to for whatever reason
I will EAT!
I will enjoy every bite!
Oh yeah, and I will not exercise to “work it off”!
Do you want some?

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5 responses to “I Have a Right to Eat!

  • Carla Sanders

    Hell, yeah, I want some! I want more! I want it all! I am working on a blog post right up your alley. I’ll share when it’s up. DC

  • Leah Milam

    Eat and don’t be ashamed! I do!

  • mihelle robertson

    I loved reading your blog Safiar. I got your link from the OO support group that I am a part of, which I find extremely helpful. I am on a similar journey to you, I just get so much ‘life’, excitement and encouragement by other women like yourself who are so passionate about going against the western world’s grain of treating the human body like it has no wisdom of it’s own.
    My individual spin on this topic is that I also believe in God and that He made us so wonderfully and we as humans have learnt to look everywhere but inside ourselves for peace and so now have a world full of peace-less creatures.
    Keep writing, I love it, all of it.

    Very encouraged and inspired
    Michelle form Oz

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