My 1st Pleasant Overcoming Overeating Shopping Experience

Since starting the overcoming overeating program, I cleaned out my closet of the clothes that no longer fit and that I didn’t like anymore. I went shopping for new clothes to fit my new shape, freaked out and resorted to buying 12 pairs of  XL black leggings at $6 a pop from Target, leg warmers and a bunch of sweaters and long sleeve shirts from the 2nd hand store down the street.  This has gotten me through the winter pretty smoothly, being as leggings are easy to put on- no need to squeeze my belly to zip up and button.

Well, my sister friend decided she was tired of seeing me in black leggings everyday and took me shopping for my birthday. She is a non-dieter and has read Overcoming Overeating. I was a bit terrified and excited at the same time. Terrified because shopping for clothes is usually a stressful and dramatic experience that has left me feeling awful and headed for a binge as soon as I escape the dungeon of a dressing room with its trickster mirrors. To calm down, I kept reminding myself  that my current size is a result of my genetic heritage, aging, history/relationship with food and history/relationship with dieting and history of exercise. Luckily, we kept having to reschedule our shopping date, so I had ample time to mentally prepare. Don’t pay attention to the “size”, just get what fits and looks good on me is what I kept telling myself. Oh and breathe.

Tuesday we finally went. I sat in the dressing room and she brought me different sizes to see what “size” I fit now. And then we tried on what looked good in that “size”. I basically sat in the dressing room while she brought me clothes to try which was pretty neat. I felt like a little girl shopping with mommy and a star shopping with my personal stylist all at once. I went through soooo many emotions in that dressing room. At moments on the verge of tears and then the next moment breathing and accepting and feeling good. If I had been alone, I would have ran out of the store and straight to a bakery! But it was quite a pleasant experience. She even noticed that my bra no longer fit my current shape and she fitted me for a new one. I’ve been wearing the same bra size since I was a teenager and would have never gone up to the size we did on my own. I didn’t realize I needed too. But now I’m seeing with new eyes. Although I’ve been doing mirror work and I thought my breasts were bigger- it didn’t compute. And I didn’t realize that the side area counted as breast. I’m finally out of a B cup! lol

She also “tricked” me by taking us to eat before we went shopping. When we were in the fitting room and I said that I shouldn’t have eaten first and she said that it’s best to eat (if you’re hungry of course) because you get a more
accurate read on how you will feel in the clothes in everyday life. So when you do eat, there is comfortable room in your clothes for a satisfied belly. After the shopping I was having a little anxiety and felt an urge to eat, but since I was still full from our midday eating experience, I didn’t eat again until much later.

It was a pleasant experience and I feel I can do it on my own (without freaking out)  next time. Having assistance made it fun and much less stressful. Oh yeah, and I cut the size tag out of the clothes when I got home. 🙂


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One response to “My 1st Pleasant Overcoming Overeating Shopping Experience

  • blue

    Oh, how wonderful. You did great. And yes it’s a relief to get out of black. I’m even wearing white now even though it does make me look bigger.

    And I bought myself some red studded shoes just yesterday — something I never would have done before. My husband said they looked like ‘clown shoes’ but I like that they are fun to look at and very comfortable to wear. No doubt daughter will be horrified by this choice of footwear but when she criticises (she means well….), I’m going to use the ‘who are you…the clothes police,’ line and laugh — keeping it light. She loves me, no doubt of that. But I have noticed whenever she buys me something it is always extremely ‘tasteful’ (think beige) and no doubt what she thinks is suitable for a woman in her 50s.

    It’s hard work when it seems that nearly everyone wants to control your body or how you present yourself. So I think it’s wonderful that you have such a supportive sister.

    My dream would be to have such a ‘stylist’ as your sister to help me do my shopping. I have such problems with clothes shopping too. I still love the clothes I would have worn when I was thin but they just don’t make them in bigger sizes as we know so a helper to keep the shopping panic away would be great.

    Wonderful to hear you broke out of the ‘black habit.’

    The lighting and mirrors in clothes shops make it hard to look good, don’t they? Even when I was ‘thin and fit’ (think starving and overexercising here) I never looked good in those mirrors.

    I now know too, that the best places to shop are the ones that have three way mirrors (I just try to ignore the unflattering lighting etc.). It can be very confronting but it’s good to know when something looks good front, back and sides.

    This from someone who had got into the habit of buying clothing in my size (meaning loose and shapeless) and not even bothering to try them on before I bought them. Straight off the rack to the cashier. No wonder I never felt good in my clothes.


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