The Diet Game

The more I tell a young man to pull up his pants, the further he will sag them. The more I tell my girlfriend that her boyfriend is no good, the tighter she will cling to him. When I tell a child to stop doing that, she can’t wait to do it again.  The more I tell women & girls what size to be, what color to be, how tall to grow, how much to weigh, how to style her hair, what clothes to wear this year, what foods to eat today and how to shape her butt-boobs-belly, something really amazing happens. She tries & often succeeds in varying degrees to do just that! She cuts, squeezes, burns, fasts, restricts, constricts, dyes, twists, suffocates, stuffs, lifts, tightens, contorts, bends, blends, stretches, sucks, tames her body to fit into the acceptable female body box.  It’s absolutely fascinating to watch her to do this. And even better, we get filthy rich day after day from her efforts.

We train one and she teaches her daughters, cousins, sisters, best friends and everyone she encounters to do it too. She becomes a champion campaigner for our cause. Even women that fail miserably try and try again. Regardless of her body screams of rebellion, she continues to beat it into the box. Regardless of her own personal tastes, she will eat what ever we say as long as the reward is the acceptable female body box. She will even go against her own body need for food to fit. She will attempt to curb her appetite with any product we sell her. She will not eat, as if eating is an abnormal act. And she will spend decades & thousands of dollars on or off what we call a diet. Did she never realize that the first three letters in the word diet are d-i-e? HaHaHa. LOL. What silly women! Her own body even knows it. Why does she think The Diet fails and she gains the weight back, has to exercise like an athlete to keep it off, is always “falling off the diet”, it gets harder and harder to lose the weight each time (thanks to her smart body’s survival switch), and is constantly seeking a new diet? I’m scared to wonder what will happen when women stop hating their bodies and stop listening to us. I’m quite sure we will be out of a job. But for now, we are safe. The New Year is approaching and millions will sign up for the game of Change Your Shape, Change Your Life once again. Chi  Ching $$$$


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