Scales are for fish, not women

It is November 23, 2010. One month until my birthday. After thousands of minutes spent obsessing over my supposed fat, imagined problematic body and evil food that chases me down the street, I have finally given up the fight. Given up dieting. Thrown out the scale. Filled my freezer with all the goodies I like. Released my belly from the grip of sucking her in. Rubbing the buddha belly. I can finally look in the mirror and refrain from saying “Yuck”. I can get through the day without saying “I feel fat”. I recently learned that fat is not a feeling. Fat has been one of the only feelings I felt daily for so many years. Now I feel other things. Now I can relax. I don’t have to be her. Whoever I’ve been trying to be since I was a little girl. I can just be me. Diet free. Eating whatever the eff I want. Exercising when I feel like it. Sitting on my butt when I don’t. Bypassing the diet magazines, fasting teas & anything else promoting weight loss or diets. Learning to love the body I am in just the way it is.


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2 responses to “Scales are for fish, not women

  • Anja

    You are a mess.. those articles are funny and inspiring…

    • mihelle robertson

      I’m sorry Anja, I don’t agree that this girl (Safia) IS a mess, I think it’s more in line to say that she WAS a mess, and also that the ‘mess’ that she was in, was necessary and an integral part of her journey and a major contributing factor as to why she is writing such ‘funny and inspiring articles’ as you yourself so put it. 🙂

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